Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Random Answers to Life's Most Meaningful Questions

I have been tagged with a meme.  Don't worry, it isn't life threatening.  Although, I might bore you to death.
 Shelly from Writing With Shelly, has tagged me with some questions.  If you haven't been to Shelly's blog, you've been missing out.  She's talented and funny, with a lot of useful information for writers.

Alright, just when you thought this blog couldn't be more random . . . here are my answers to the meme quiz:

Show us the cutest, most adorable picture of your favorite animal:

I'm a sucker for an animal that can pick things up with its nose.

You have five seconds to survive the zombie apocalypse. Choose one friend who would save your butt and then tell us why you chose them.

Jack Bauer. I know that's cheating because he's not my friend, he's a fictional character, and Zombies aren't terrorists, but I'm pretty sure the torture method would be the same. Besides, Jack Bauer would have the problem solved in 24 hrs.

Share a quote with us:

"One cannot consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar."

Helen Keller

Using exactly twenty seven words, tell your life story:

Born and raised in Utah, love to paint and write, went to college, married my best friend, moved to Idaho, had some kids, now live in California.

All dead rock legends live again. You’re standing in a fifty mile long line for:

Yeah . . . I really hate long lines. Fifty miles? I would probably start a zombie apocalypse just for being forced to wait in a fifty mile long line. I do love The Beatles, though.

Describe yourself using six words that start with the third letter of your middle name. Go!:

Sadly, I have no middle name. I guess I'll have to use my maiden name.

lovable, lucky, lunatic, late, lively, loyal,

What do you think of when you hear the word wombat?

Half woman/ half bat, gets really cranky once a month, and eats chocolate to survive. Oh, and those cute furry marsupials.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Write?

photo of little girl writingFirst, a shout out to David Powers King. A truly awesome person! He posted some awards for me on his blog. If you haven't checked him out, do it. He is working on some pretty amazing stuff.  Now on to my post . . .

  Why write?  The question has plagued me for years.  It bothered me in elementary school when my friends wanted to play and I was too busy writing my mystery novel The ABC Murders (I was a big fan of Agatha Christie and apparently plagiarism).
   It reared its ugly head again, in the sixth grade, when my parents brought my dark poetry into question (clearly I had issues). 
  It even cropped up in high school when my friends wanted me to use my elective for an aerobics class and I stubbornly opted for creative writing.
    It taunted me in college when faced with the dilemma of picking a more practical degree like English Education, or following my heart and diving
into the literary side of things.
   I practically skipped to the registrar office, filling my schedule with delightfully unrealistic courses like: Young Adult Literature, Fiction Writing, Children's Literature, Literary Analysis, English Literature, American Literature, and Multicultural Literature.  To name a few.
  So here I sit, years later, my impractical degree stuffed in a closet somewhere, with an unfinished novel, a mountain of frustration, and a pile of housework giving me a come hither look. 
  Even after all these years, the question is the same.  I know the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over again, expecting different results, but I think my answer lies in the complicated love life of Sheryl Crow.
  Just like she kept going back to her cheating lover, I return to the heartless world of writing.  It is after all, My Favorite Mistake.

What about you?  Why write?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Rhythm of Writing

  Growing up, I had many things I loved to do: painting, building castles in my sandbox, running through the sprinklers, or playing with the dog, but what I loved most, was the swing on the apricot tree.

  I loved feeling the whoosh of air across my face, imagining what it would it be like to soar over the fence and into the sky.

 Sometimes, I would twist around in a circle and let go, watching the world rush by in an unrecognizable blur, but the thing that drew me in, and kept me coming back, was the rhythm.

  I loved the unwavering rise and fall of the swing. Something about it was so peaceful, so beautiful, that I would spend hours lost in the world around me.

  To me, writing is like that.  If done well, there is a rhythm to it, a steady back and forth, that draws you into another world. The story, the characters, everything lives and breathes by the rhythm, the rise and fall, that moves them along. The exciting parts where you discover something new, and the slow parts, reassuring you that things will be okay.

     Just like the swing, that is what draws me in, and keeps me coming back for more . . .

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Liebster: the award you never knew you always wanted

Okay, how cool is this blogging thing?  Yesterday, my new blogging buddy, Abby gave me the Liebster Blog award. Never heard of it?  Me neither.  Am I still completely stoked?  Absolutely!  If you haven't checked out Abby's blog: Something to Write About, do it.  It is an amazing blog with lots of great info for writers, plus she just seems like an all around cool person.

Now onto my acceptance speech . . . I would like to thank the academy, my awesome followers, all 12 of them, Abby for taking a chance on an unknown blog, my husband for being totally hot, and my kids for allowing me 15 minutes to write this.

  So what is this prestigious award and how can you win it too? Liebster means "friend" in German and the award is given as a way to spotlight blogs with less than two hundred people.  The rules are as follows:

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the Internet—other writers.
5. And best of all – have fun and spread the karma!

Now it is my turn to show some love.  My picks for Liebster are  . . . (drum roll please)

1. Obscure and Askew--- two words, hilarious and talented. What more can I say?
2.Get Busy Writing--- great information for writers, seriously talented.
3. Lacie Myers--- Blueberries for Sal was a great post about children's books.
4. The Startled Spyglass--- love her post on the lusciousness of little things. She is also featured on Writing With Shelly. Good stuff!
5.Ahhh, Desultory Ramblings --- he hasn't posted in a while, but when he does, it's funny.

Show some love to these blogs, if you haven't  already!

 Meanwhile, I will try not to let this new found fame go straight to my head.